Privacy Policy

The provision of quality healthcare is our principal concern. In being able to provide this, it is necessary to obtain information about your medical and family health history. You will be requested to provide information regarding certain aspects of your healthcare that may be shared with other health providers only as necessary. Examples include providing details of procedures to Medicare and Private Health funds for billing and medical rebate purposes, correspondence to your general practitioner, and requests to pathology laboratories for medical tests and investigations.

It is also important for you to know that our practices regard your health information as strictly confidential. All collected information regarding your health is handled in accordance with the privacy legislation. Details of privacy guidelines can be found at Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns regarding collection, use or disclosure of your information with your surgeon or their practice manger.

Our practices invite feedback in relation to the services we provide. A form can be obtained from reception if required.


Every effort is made to ensure a seamless and efficient consultation and service. Should you feel that your encounter has not been satisfactory please do not hesitate to make your concerns known to our staff so that appropriate measures can be undertaken.